GECCI Living®

Finally home.
GECCI your home!

You would like to build your dream home? We help you. Our Gecci Rent And Buy® concept enables you to realize your dream of your own home. No bank credit and no down payment.

Our standard is that we offer no standard.

Construction planning

From our portfolio, you choose your dream home. After that, together we plan and calculate all adaptations and details according to your individual wishes. We will build in solid construction and according to current energy standards. We search a suitable plot of land in your preferred area for you. Our concept does not require you take a certain standard house. You may have your home constructed as luxuriously and as large as you wish.

We build energy-efficient and barrier-free

We take saving energy seriously. Therefore we optionally build our houses with a solar plant on the roof and thus exceed the standards required by EnEV (German energy efficiency requirement). We offer the following KfW standards: 55 and 40. Your home will be as ecological and efficient as you require.

For many aspiring home builders, not only sustainability but also a barrier-free home is important. In order for you to be able to live in your own home without problems, we construct your home future-proof and barrier-free.

Portfolio choice

You may choose among several model houses. Get inspired!